2020 CERSA Virtual Workshop
Incorporating the Benefits of Vegetative Filter Strips into Risk Assessment
and Risk Management of Pesticides
September 8-10, 2020

Workshop Program Flyer

The purpose of the 2020 CERSA VFS Workshop was to identify and promote necessary systematic changes to incorporate filter strip technology into risk assessments and risk management. The 2020 CERSA VFS workshop continued the work initiated in the 2018 CERSA VFS workshop (website | final report).

Workshop Consensus Statement:

  1. We confirm the need to consider quantitatively the impact of VFS on exposure in the regulatory risk assessment.
  2. We recommend moving VFSMOD to a peer review process with the Agencies because interim alternatives will require substantial effort to develop.
  3. In the interim, we further recommend seeking science-based approaches to consider VFS in risk assessment and risk management.
  4. We promote international, interagency and stakeholder collaboration and information exchange to facilitate adoption of filter strip technology as part of a comprehensive approach to encourage sustainable practices for protection of water resources and enhanced ecosystem services as well as economic benefits for the grower.

Please reference the Main Menu to navigate to each of the subpages containing information relevant to the workshop. Coming out of the September 2020 workshop, this website is intended to serve as an archive of presentations, materials, and other resources related to this topic, and to be a hub for ongoing working group activities.


For any questions, please contact:
Geoff Bock, Project Manager, NC Plant Sciences Initiative, NC State University, grbock@ncsu.edu